With packaging, it’s all about the processes. Determining the most effective packaging materials depends on how your business operates, what products you sell, and supply chain dynamics. Our Solutions Specialists are industry-leading experts in packaging and structural design.

Our production process is bifurcated into various departments and sub-departments, reflecting attention to people and processes to meet perfection.

Let us introduce you to our departments:

Design & Pre-Press

ARTH Industries has a fully integrated in-house pre-press department. A strong team of professionals helps clients with their complete designing needs, from Raw CAD designs to surface finishing on final products. A complete set-up for sample creation gives prototype advantages and helps check the exact pros and cons of a packaging design. Licensed software sets of Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, Eng View CAD designing & Pasharp Workflow. In-house facilities like Epson proofer, cutting table and Kodak CTP plate processor.


Our printing department is equipped with an online UV and Aqueous printing facility with direct transfer of PPF files from prepress to printing through the PDCx console for best print results and minimal manual interventions. In-house ink kitchen for special Pantone inks equipped with all tools, photo spectrometer, universal light-box, UV curer etc., to prevent press changes and fetch desired print results in the first go.

Post Printing

The company boasts two fully automatic high-speed die-cutting imported machines with inline stripping to meet your special requirement of value-added cartons. We have installed one German machines for Window patching and Liner carton pasting. Three folder gluer machines ranging from normal side pasting to lock-bottom cartons and four / six corner carton pasting, ensuring best-in-class finished cartons.


ARTH Industries operates three corrugation lines designed to produce more than 500 MT/Month of kraft paper. The two ply lines can manufacture B, C, E and F flute profiles. The company has rich experience manufacturing multi-colour 3 and 5 ply corrugated cartons. Over and above regular slotted containers, we manufacture shelf displays that are the product of complex die-cutting.

Quality Assurance

At Arth Industries, it’s not just Quality but Consistency as well. ARTH Industriesonly sources the best quality raw materials for all its operations. Be it Pre-press, Printing, Corrugation, Pasting or any value-added operation, quality is checked at every level. Before every delivery, the finished goods are double-checked to conform to the quality standards. ARTH Industriesalso has a structured quality assurance system and a well-equipped QC lab to monitor all receipts through stringent quality checks closely.