Reverse Tuck In

Reverse tuck Industries solutions are folded from front to back and the other side folds from back to front and does not show the packed product. It provides safety to the product wrapped in it. This type of packing is easy to open and close and usually used for food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals Industries. Available in all sizes and shapes according to the demand of the customers.

Straight Tuck In

Straight Tuck In Industries solutions are more durable and stronger option than its paperboard counterpart. The flaps fold on the same sides and can withstand heavier weight at the middle of the box. This type of Industries is perfect for heavy retail products, metal & industrial tools. The Industries is fully customizable in printing and sizes.

Snap Lock

We manufacture a wide range of Snap Lock Industries options. Our Industries solutions are made from optimum quality raw materials which make the Industries highly durable and compatible for high load bearing capacity. The Industries solutions are available in customized designs, sizes and other specifications as per the client’s requirements.

Lock Bottom

We manufacture lock bottom (also known as self-locking) Industries solutions for our clients who want to meet their quick assembly Industries needs. This Industries is easy to use. You just need to squeeze the box, till it the product or item and close with a tuck end. We customize shape, size, paper board and ink as per the clients requirements.

Self Lock Tray

We manufacture self-lock tray which are typically used to contain or separate content inside Industries and displays. The designing of the tray is done using advance machines making the tray highly efficient, and normally created from a single piece of corrugated, quick to assemble and requires no gluing.

Special Shapes

We offer our corrugated boxes in different shapes, designs and sizes to match requirement of our clients. Our offered Industries solutions are available in different shapes keeping in mind the industry and product. Customizable high end special shaped Industries saves your cost, increase visibility and provides competitive edge.