Label Printing Solutions

Self-Adhesive Labels are laminates made from paper or filmic face stock, adhesive and a paper or filmic siliconized release liner. Printing is done on the face-stock and then die-cut to shape before the waste matrix is removed. In this technology, high quality graphics & embellishments can be achieved and can be applied to almost all kinds of containers. The options to apply these labels manually as well as through automatic applicators, is available.


  • Besides a premium look, PS Labels guarantee a perfect performance of the decoration. No wrinkles, bubbles or damaged labels throughout the supply chain. PS Labels are resistant to humidity, even in ice water.

  • No-Label Look Decoration available which is not possible with paper wet glue labels.

  • Transparent PS Labels provide a luxury appeal and underline the "purity" of the content.

  • A Comprehensive range of standard, performance and special effects labels for a wide range of applications