Printed Cardboard Box

We are one of the prominent manufacturer and supplier of wide range of printed corrugated boxes. We are manufacturer of printed corrugated boxes as the client specified and at a industry leading price. It is durable and attractive; these corrugated printed boxes. The printing on cardboard boxes can be done using various techniques, including digital printing, offset printing, flexography, or screen printing, depending on the desired quality, quantity, and design complexity.

  • Design: The first step is creating the design for the cardboard box. This design may include branding elements, logos, product information, artwork, and any other graphics or text that need to be printed on the box. Design software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop is often used for this purpose.

  • Customization: While plain corrugated boxes don't have printed designs by default, they can be easily customized with labels, stickers, or additional Industries materials to convey product information or branding.

  • Protection: Corrugated cardboard provides excellent protection for packaged items, offering resistance to impacts, moisture, and stacking pressure, which makes them ideal for shipping.

  • Storage: Plain corrugated carton boxes are also commonly used for storage purposes. They can be stacked efficiently, saving space in warehouses or storage facilities.

  • Cutting and Creasing: After printing, the cardboard sheets are cut into the required box shape. Specialized machinery is used for precision cutting and creasing to ensure the boxes can be easily folded and assembled.