Our single-layer films are the most cost-effective film for Industries solutions. Single layer films are much better than previously available or used multi-layer or laminated films. Single layer films are mostly used for Bread bags, Dry food packs, Wrap-arounds, Textiles, Candy, Personal care, Vegetables, Herbs, Industry usage etc.

Litho lamination is often used to create custom printed corrugated Industries and shipping boxes. Litho lamination process combines the versatile properties of corrugated with high- quality, custom graphic printing, especially important for products such as “buy-in-bulk”. Litho lamination is widely used for cardboard retail signs, point-of-purchase displays, and floor stand displays.

Both paper and plastic are used by companies for their Industries solutions. So we also manufacture paper and plastic combined Industries solutions for our clients where we help them achieve plastic reduction targets by adding paper while providing Industries solutions to them.

A liner carton is a folding carton that has an inner protective barrier Industries of aluminium or paper liner. Liner is suited for items that require resistance from direct contact with air, or items that are semi-liquid, liquid like Ghee, Tea, Spices etc.